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621 Energy works with our clients to take advantage of the available benefits of a new PV system.  We then leverage the capability of our financing partners to find the optimal financing solution for our clients’ solar project.

The simplest method of financing a solar project is purchase the system outright. If you have available investment capital, tax liabilities and can benefit from accelerated depreciation, this approach will provide the greatest positive cash flow over the 30+ year life of the system.

A tax-paying entity desiring a minimal capital investment should consider a Capital Lease. Our Capital Lease option reduces or eliminates the up-front cost while allowing the customer to retain all the cash flow benefits of ownership (energy savings, incentives, and tax benefits).

Alternatively, a 621 Energy Solar PPA allows your organization to host a solar PV system on your site without any maintenance responsibilities or costs. All you pay for is the clean electricity produced on your site at a low and stable rate below the local utility price, locking in long-term energy savings.