2F Shading Analysis 900x300 (1)621 Energy provides energy consulting and solar advisory services, including:

Energy Consulting

  • Utility bill analysis and rate tariff evaluation
  • Energy usage analysis
  • Identification of Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECO)
  • Management of ECO implementation

PV System Feasibility Studies

  • Site evaluation
  • Solar resource evaluation including shading measurements
  • Optimal system sizing and performance modeling
  • Financial analysis
  • System specification or Request for Proposal (RFP) development
  • Product evaluation/comparison

Commissioning or Re-Commissioning of PV systems

  • Quality control of system installation
  • Measurement of DC strings and comparison to design: polarity, Voc, Isc, I-V curves
  • Confirmation of proper inverter operation
  • Verification that monitoring system values match measured values
  • Evaluation of system KWh performance using measured irradiance and temperature

Monitoring of PV System Performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

  • Modeling of system performance and comparison to actual performance
  • Benchmark of performance to comparable systems in the area
  • Analysis of kWh/kWp deviations from optimal
  • Calculation of system availability (reliability)
  • Estimate of system inefficiencies in the field
  • Recommendations to improve system performance