2C Fencing 900x300621 Energy works collaboratively with property owners to responsibly develop high-performing solar PV projects on their building or land.

Options include:

  • 621 Energy develops and finances a turnkey project without cost to the owner. The owner signs a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to purchase the solar-generated power.
  • 621 Energy develops a turnkey project for the owner for a fee.
  • 621 Energy develops a turnkey project financed through a partnership arrangement with the owner and investor(s).

We execute a comprehensive and efficient development process to maximize value for property owners. Key elements of this process prior to installation include:

  • Property evaluation with siting options
  • Solar resource evaluation
  • Optimal system sizing and performance modeling
  • Financial analysis
  • Development of project schedule
  • System financing
  • Preliminary design: site layout and one-line electrical drawings
  • Permitting and Interconnection applications/approvals
  • Net metering application and off-taker agreements
  • Product evaluation/comparison/selection
  • Detailed system design and review
  • Specifications and bidding
  • Bid evaluation and Subcontractor selection